2005-08-25--10:30 p.m.
Stand Up

I was watching Joyce Meyer the other day and following along with my bible and taking notes. And she said something that really moved me. She said Ďeveryone else in the world in coming out of the closets, we should be coming out as Christians as well.Ē Itís so true.. she said there are too many people who are closet Christians, people who hold back so we donít offend anyone.

As she said that it touched me because I know itís hard to feel like you donít want to step on anyoneís toes. But frankly .. you canít have one foot in the kingdom of God and one foot in the world sinning against God. You canít expect God to fix your life and to keep forgiving you when you sin 20 times a day and then ask for forgiveness then the very next day do the exact same thing and ask for forgiveness again. If you want to change things in your life you can and will if your willing to pay the price and If you want it bad enough!

Ecclesiastes: 12:13 (reads) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.
*All that simply means is that every single thing that is wrong in our lives will be made right and
brought into adjustment as we begin to fear God and obey his commandments. Everything, Everything .. will be fixed if you would just fear and give reverence to God.

We frankly know that we are growing spiritually when we do what is right even when it doesnít feel right. Meaning if you know God is telling you to do something .. you simply obey it. You donít question you just obey.
Itís like our parents who tell us not to do something.. when we are kids we always ask whyÖ and all they said was Ďbecause I said not to do it, thatís whyí same with God when he tells us not to do something we should just obey and not question.

I really think that the majority of my friends have stayed my close friends. But for those who simply donít make the effort to talk to me that much.. itís not my loss. I donít fret over not talking to them, I donít fret over not being close, I donít hurt because I donít have them in my life. I know that God gives me grace to deal with all of that junk as it comes my way. And if ever I should begin to feel sad inside I know that God will give me peace about it. I trust God and I trust in the fact that he will supply me with new friends.. friends in Christ. Friends who fear him, friends who love to worship, friends who can pray for me, friends who can intercede on my behalf should I need it. I donít need friends who donít respect my wishes to serve God, I donít need friends who disrespect the Lord. I donít need friends who want to bring sin into my life.. however I know that I can pray for heavenly guidance in any situation because I place all my cares, worries and frustrations on God.

I am not ashamed of God. I LOVE GOD! You donít have to like me anymore.. I will still continue to pray for those who donít want to be a part of my life anymore. I will pray that each day you are happy, joyful and blessed. I will always speak blessings your way opposed to curses. I will love you and not the sin.. because I am not perfect and will always fall short of the glory of God. But I still say Ďlove the sinner, not the sin.í

YesÖ things have changed in my life, my outlook on things and situations .. my spectrum has changed a bit but that doesnít bother me. We canít go to heaven alone by our work Ö.



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